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R.brooklyn is a chic, upscale women’s fashion boutique designed for the modern women. We specialize in styling and assisting our clients in selecting high quality, classic pieces that will carry them seamlessly from season to season.


We offer handpicked designer collections in every category. We source quality fashion brands that range from high-end denim to classic tees and embroidered, delicate blouses and dresses. We complete looks with statement jewelry and on trend accessories. When women feel good about their fashion choice it exudes confidence throughout their day. Whether it be a simple everyday look or a special event, R.brooklyn will make that process feel effortless.


Owner, Buyer and CEO Katie Antis is a proven, trusted and successful businesswoman, wife and mother of three. Her ability to consistently identify timeless wardrobe pieces while mixing in just enough of the latest trends keeps her store modern, relevant and chic. With Katie’s love for all things fashion and her deep understanding of the ever-evolving garment industry, she delivers a space for women to shop with confidence knowing that each piece was handpicked with you in mind.

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